News, glorious news…

Thanks to a second round of funding granted to us by the Denbighshire Dementia Awareness Fund, we’re able to continue with our monthly Nature Through the Window project for a further 12 months. The sessions are free, open to everyone and are inclusive of those living with dementia. We’re also delivering a session to Conwy Wellbeing Team later this month. It’s become quite popular!

Thanks to funding granted to us by the National Lottery, we’re starting our new and innovative project in Holywell hospital in January 2024 – Tall Poppies. We’ll be working with Ysgol Maes Y Felin, Holywell High and the hospital inpatients throughout the year. Intergenerational ‘oo’s and aah’s’ will reverberate through the hospital wards, as we study the natural world together, and grow plants for the garden accessed by the patients.

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Passionate about growing food in any space and about teaching others to do the same. I'm trying to start a backdoor revolution - no allotment needed. I've fed myself from my garden for over 10 years; only needing to buy some emergency parsnips for Christmas several years ago.

2 thoughts on “News, glorious news…

  1. Go back 20+ years and who would have thought this would have come about. Well done good and faithful friend as you continue to fulfil your calling. XXX

  2. What a glorious response to all of your obedience to the only One worth following completely.
    Wonderful – all just in time to help those facing the difficulties of this season. Big Hugs

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