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Groceries from the Garden series

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Cultivators £6

soil it’s foundational
from understanding your soil type (and why you should), to planning your site. from bio-diversity to planting for pollinators . From Raised beds to companion planting and crop rotation. all topics are covered to help you get started on your veggie journey. it’s not as scary as it sounds – promise!

Germinators £6

all things seedfrom infants to teenagers
step by step instructions (including visuals), help you take these knobbly pockets of life from the packet on the shelf, and nurture them to become strapping, robust teenage seedlings ready for planting in your patch. included is a list of sowing times for the optimal use of your area.

Growers £6

when your teenagers become adults
buying plants, positioning, succession sowing, interplanting, underplanting, catch crops, watering, feeding, pests, disease, protection and training. all explained simply to support the growth of your teenagers into adulthood.

Propagators £6

increasing your stock of plants
this module takes you through the basics of seed collection and storage, how and when to take cuttings, and other forms of propagation; such as division, and layering. who wouldn’t want free plants?

Harvesters £6

shrink wrap not included
here we cover the general rules of harvesting, timings and how you might expect your plants to look – this is why you came after all! the module includes ‘groceries from the countryside’ – a basic guide to foraging – what can be gleaned for free and when.

Preservers £6

when adults become senior citizens
this module covers the basics of a number of processes such as; curing, preserve making, dehydration, fermentation, bottling, freezing and good old fashioned clamping and root cellars. it includes some tried and tested recipes and a unique way to elongate the life of a fresh egg

6 x Individual plant cards £12

present detailed information on how to care for your chosen fruit/vegetable – from how to start them from seed, to nurturing their growth and bringing home the harvest
tomato, potato, carrot, onion & Garlic, lettuce & salads, pea, bean, parsnip, broccoli & calabrese, cauliflower, cabbage, beetroot, courgette, squashes & pumpkin, cucumber, kale, sweetcorn, herb, leek, apple, pear, currant, cherry, plum, gages & damsons, raspberry, strawberry, melon, fig, blackberry, gooseberry, blueberry

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