Ponderings from the Polytunnel

Seasonal nostalgia My small Christmas tree is suitably festooned and this year I have NOT had to lash it to the table! “Explain yourself”, I hear you cry! I have the pleasure of being owned by a cat who is part feral and calls herself Holly – very seasonal – she chose the name. AtContinue reading “Ponderings from the Polytunnel”

Ponderings from the polytunnel

A prickly affair! What creature rolls itself up into a ball when it feels threatened – apart from me?! Well, a number of creatures do; the armadillo, pangolin, centipede and woodlouse to name a few. But I am; as I’m sure you have guessed, talking about the hedgehog – the European brown variety to beContinue reading “Ponderings from the polytunnel”