Congratulations – it’s a girl!

“My cucurbits aren’t producing fruit “, I hear you cry. I feel your pain, it’s happened to me. Cucumber, melon, courgette (marrow), squash, gourd and pumpkin, are all members of this delicious, watery, succulent family. Back in the Spring, you took those curiously flat, oval seeds and started them off in pots. You even plantedContinue reading “Congratulations – it’s a girl!”

Ponderings from the Polytunnel

Going Where the Favour Lies How do you know if a door is locked or unlocked? No, it’s not the start of a bad joke. It’s something I use as a bit of a life philosophy, and you know the answer. It’s simple. You turn the handle. Sometimes you have to give the door aContinue reading “Ponderings from the Polytunnel”

Lovely reviews of our Groceries from the Garden Experience – 5 star!

Lucy ” We thoroughly enjoyed our ‘groceries in the garden’ experience. Isa was extremely informative and gave us a lot of insight into growing fruit and vegetables in your own back garden. After taking a tour round her beautiful garden we also got to enjoy hands-on activities including feeding chickens, re-potting plants and cultivating potato’s.Continue reading “Lovely reviews of our Groceries from the Garden Experience – 5 star!”