Ponderings from the Polytunnel

These are short musings inspired by creation around me. Their intention is to help you engage with the natural world by relating it, in some way, to current events and to the human experience. During the first national lockdown response to the global pandemic 2020, I was asked to write something for a newsletter. The ‘ponderings’ have subsequently taken on a life of their own. They are meant to be thoughtful and uplifting. I hope you find them so. Here’s one I prepared earlier!

Has anyone else gone to seed?

 I do marvel at seeds. Little knobbly, insignificant and sometimes plain weird looking, pockets of life. Nothing to look at with so much potential! This year seems to have been one of sitting in the furrow, with not much going on – other than a world wide pandemic! Nothing else to do but sit in the cold, damp soil, biding time, waiting for the right conditions to come along for us to get going again. Those times will definitely come. They always do, no matter how long the winter seems. If you’re feeling a bit like a seed right now – perhaps a bit knobbly around the edges – that’s perfectly understandable. But just remind yourself; you’re full of life and potential and, in the same way that seeds are a source of shelter, provision and protection for the little critters out there, so can you be to those you know around you.  

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