We’re Growing4it!

31/1/22 – More patients are benefitting from our unique interactive nature studies! Thanks to Community & Voluntary Support Conwy (CVSC) and Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council (DVSC), our Grow4it project is continuing to Grow4it! With their support we are now delivering our services into 4 hospitals across North Wales. See what some of the patients have to say ….Continue reading “We’re Growing4it!”

Ponderings from the Polytunnel

Someone else’s story. Sitting at the top of the forsythia, my morning alarm clock can be heard advertising his presence. With the ‘full throated ease’ of his cousin the nightingale, Bob opens his mouth and the most incredible, bittersweet sound comes out – like water gently trickling down rocks. There’s a tinge of sadness inContinue reading “Ponderings from the Polytunnel”