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Hello! My name is Isa and I’m trying to start a backdoor revolution!

As long as I can remember, the natural world has been my friend. Hearing bird song at a very early age, I took note of who it was that was making the music – it was a blackbird- and now that song accompanies me where ever I go. A ladybird once taught me that my actions have consequences, and I can’t even begin to describe what I learned through an experience with a mouse in a garden shed! You are never on your own when you understand how to relate to the natural world. So, having always been a gardener and a fairly simple soul; I have long wanted to keep chickens, grow my own food, make preserves and chop up my own wood for the fire. A simple life. One that is frugal, as self- reliant as is possible, and one that turns me into a very smug thing, when I manage to stock the pantry with food from my garden.

‘Groceries from the Garden’ is a grow your own course for beginners that starts with the basics, no prior knowledge is assumed. There are plenty of visuals, hints and tips included in the course to support the grower on their journey.

But teaching others how to grow food is just one of a number of services delivered by King’s Garden.

In my former life as a palliative care nurse, I was made keenly aware of the ‘draw’ of creation, and of the comfort derived when we engage with it. I believe this is of intentional and purposeful design. Science backs this notion up with the theory that we all have a ‘green gene’ – one that causes us to feel connected to and compelled by the natural world. I started King’s Garden to support those in need, to maintain that connection, so that they can access the natural world for the therapeutic benefits such engagement brings; those in hospitals, care homes, living with dementia and/other life impacting conditions. This engagement is facilitated through bespoke, interactive nature studies and wellbeing projects. All sessions are designed by me and are fun, interesting and replete with things to make you say “well I never!!”

There are a number of projects and events for you to view below and on my ‘events and services page’.

King’s Garden

cultivating connections to the natural world

We deliver therapeutic, interactive nature studies into hospitals.

We have designed and developed two community gardens ensuring they are accessible for those living with dementia.

We deliver bespoke nature studies to those with sensory impairment.

We deliver gardening ‘wellbeing’ projects.

Winner of 2017 Llandudno in Bloom silver gilt for our renovation of an unloved community garden.

Awarded fellowship to Lloyds Bank School for Social Entrepreneurs 2016

Isa Lamb – Bsc. Hons Palliative Care, Dip. HE Nursing

Our popular Grow4it project is delivered into community hospitals.

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