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19/04/23 – Well someone’s been busy! Firstly, we are delighted to announce that we’ve been awarded funding from Denbighshire County Council Age Friendly Communities grant to take our nature and gardening sessions into Ysgol Trefnant School, working in collaboration with Connexions. There will be intergenerational ‘oos’and ‘ahhs’ as we study the natural world together. Secondly,Continue reading “News, events, projects and services”


3/2/22 – Following a wonderfully interactive look at the rabbit and hare, we were delighted to be able to present Beuno ward in Llandudno hospital, with their Grow4it resource pack. Thanks to the support of CVSC. A different way to end the hour – it usually ends with folks exchanging recipe’s for rabbit stew orContinue reading “News”

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