Happy Gardening!

Thanks to the support of Colwyn Bay Hospital League of Friends and the Gwynt Y Mor Community Fund, we have been planting again!

A trolley full of loveliness waiting to be planted

Happy Gardeners!

Just a quick reminder of what we started with:

Published by the back door gardener

Passionate about growing food in any space and about teaching others to do the same. I'm trying to start a backdoor revolution - no allotment needed. I've fed myself from my garden for over 10 years; only needing to buy some emergency parsnips for Christmas several years ago.

4 thoughts on “Happy Gardening!

  1. I bet you were in your element? I take it that it didn’t rain? Brilliant work as ever. XXX

      1. You have some way to go before you can consider yourself old! You are still middle-aged, ‘old’ is when your 80th birthday is approaching, rapidly! XXXX

  2. It is beginning to look so good. I concur that it is a bit of relief once the work is done. Hugs

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