We’re Growing4it!

31/1/22 – More patients are benefitting from our unique interactive nature studies! Thanks to Community & Voluntary Support Conwy (CVSC) and Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council (DVSC), our Grow4it project is continuing to Grow4it! With their support we are now delivering our services into 4 hospitals across North Wales. See what some of the patients have to say ….

It changes the whole atmosphere, you know, the experience of being in hospital

I didn’t feel my pain at all during the hour. Better than drugs!  It was sociable and interesting. More of the same please”.

 “I haven’t felt my pain while I’ve been here (in the session). Really enjoyed it. Very interesting. Learned things”. 

I absolutely love them I do. I love coming to them every week. I look forward to them”.

 “I really enjoyed that thank you. I got to use my brain! I hope I’m here next week for the next one”

It’s made me want to start looking into it (the subject matter) myself

Really good. It helps you to focus. Learn things you can use outside of here…you take it home with you. Very interesting the times I’ve been

Penelope Pine Cone and her pine babies have been doing the ward rounds again!

See what a physiotherapist has to say ….”These studies provide patients with a much -needed distraction at a time when face to face visits with loved ones are severely restricted. They provide so much enjoyment at a time when patients are faced with worry and concern about hospitalisation, and outcome of their hospitalisation – it is a form of safe haven where they are stimulated and encouraged to have different conversations to what they would normally have. Patients so much enjoy being in a group learning and sharing their own experiences of nature

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4 thoughts on “We’re Growing4it!

  1. It is wonderful and really incredible to see how these sessions have helped so many people. It is so great to see how these creative experiences have such a dynamic impact,
    It must surely gladden your heart.

    So few people will probably really understand all that you put into the sessions and the significant preparation that you put into them.

    1. Me too, plus others would take it up as weill in other parts of the British isles, it is a service which is desperately needed.

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