Ponderings from the Polytunnel

The critters have the last word!

Any creation is the expression of its’ creator’s creativity. When we look at a painting or listen to a piece of music, we see a glimpse of the heart of the artist and the composer. They’re communicating something to us. Sometimes, we hear what isn’t being said or see what isn’t on view because we bring our own perspective to the interpretation. But their words have meaning and they offer an important message from the heart of the one who voices them. Love and sorrow are so often given the power of speech through creative actions and creations.

Life has done its usual thing this year– given with one hand and taken with the other. It’s rather good at that! But we have enjoyed the company of many critters and they have been our teachers and encouragers throughout the months.  A few of them have even shared their sagely wisdom with us.

Billy the Kid and the infamous goats of Llandudno (Ponderings from the Polytunnel – Groceries from the Garden), reminded us to cherish and enjoy our freedoms. Okay – maybe we don’t need to be as riotous and antisocial about it as they were but their message was clear! We are curious creatures and at our most fulfilled when our own creativity is released.

Billy the Kid and company enjoying what we couldn’t – freedom!

Then there was dear Wally – the Walrus who had his life plans seriously interrupted as he found himself on his accidental adventure. But he showed us some coping mechanisms to use while we adapt to new circumstances (Ponderings from the Polytunnel – Groceries from the Garden). Life threw lemons at him so he used them to make lemonade! And, yes, an obligatory cuppa and slice of naughtiness is a tried and tested part of the adaptive process! We are resilient creatures who grow through difficulties.

Wise Wally Walrus

Billy no Mates teamed up with Billy the Kid to have fun, painting the town a particular shade of red, as he reminded us about the importance of play and of ‘avin’ a larff’. Laughter is indeed the best medicine (Ponderings from the Polytunnel – Groceries from the Garden). We are social creatures that need the company of others to thrive.

Billy no mates left to play alone!

A busy bee called bombus hypnorum, inspired us to take risks and go where the favour lies. She reminded us that life IS an adventure (accidental or otherwise), and that opportunities will only bear fruit when we follow through with our appropriate actions (Ponderings from the Polytunnel – Groceries from the Garden). We are adventurous creatures who can conquer fears.

Bombus hypnorum likes to take risks

And then there was dear Albert (Einstein) (Ponderings from the Polytunnel – Groceries from the Garden). What can I say about him? Well, firstly he is not alone. He has two Arboreal Accomplices –Isaac (Newton) and John (Watts) – and all three, after having reminded us that even though making a mistake is painful, we can learn from it – have become regular visitors to the garden. They especially like to cheer me on as I do my washing up. They are cheeky though, and I lost ‘Operation Squirrel Mitts’ in spectacular fashion. To be fair, I was outnumbered and they played dirty! At one point I was scrambling around my hazel tree trying to harvest the nuts, while two of them were at the top spitting shells down on me!  A bit rude! But like they; we are intelligent creatures who constantly learn if we are wise!

Albert has found his place to call home

So, this year, a handful of critters have reminded us to enjoy our freedoms; be adventurous and take risks; learn from our mistakes; cherish the company of others; be creative, and have oodles of fun along the way. Such messages from creation, point us to the heart of the One who created them. May you know His heart and His love for you this Christmastime as you celebrate. See you next year – there’ll be a cuppa and a slice waiting for you 😊

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4 thoughts on “Ponderings from the Polytunnel

  1. That has to be the best one yet, and, because I know some of the ‘background’ it has brought tears to my eyes. You are such an example of grace under fire and stress. In a way I am glad you cannot see that, it is not for you to see but for the rest of us to see. I am your devoted follower and friend and, although we will never see each other again here, I will see you in the air and soon, please! XXXX

  2. OOOOh my the consideration of you dashing around the hazel tree and the squirrels laughing really got me! I imagined them sitting at the top tongues out arms akimbo going nah nah nah nan nah 🙂

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