Received this lovely endorsement for the Grow4it sessions today.

“I am a dementia support worker in (North Wales) Community Hospital. I am writing in regards to Isa, from the King’s Garden. This lady has made such a huge change to my week it is remarkable. It gives me fresh new innovative ideas to come up with different activities. It calms patients and makes them forget they are in hospital. A couple of patients even said “It was like attending my local community centre with my friends, such fun!” We have been fortunate enough to have Isa deliver some taster sessions, her knowledge is remarkable! I personally could not deliver a session in such a unique way and with such passion. If a patient hears a bird in the garden Isa will identify the call immediately. Alongside her marvellous presentations come props such as fossils, woolly mammoth hair, birds’ nests, wasp nests and magnifying glasses to enable the patients, even the poor sighted, to really see what’s going on. So, you can see nature in its glory seeing things the naked eye wouldn’t ordinarily see -it’s really extraordinary. The patients and I are always really keen to see what will be produced from the Mary Poppins rucksack next! Our patients are so enthusiastic to attend that some have to be told they can’t attend due to popularity. Not only does Isa come with an enthusiastic way of delivery to her sessions, she also has an incredible amount of passion. A topic is picked in advance either by Isa or she will offer me a choice depending on the type of patients I have and their capabilities, again being person centred. I have never come across an organisation as special as the King’s Garden. It delivers a person centred, individual hour of escapism for a patient who ordinarily would be sat bored by their bedside. Patients leave uplifted and eager to tell their fellow patients in the ward what they have learnt. Having a friendly face who is an outsider to the hospital also makes a huge difference. Being in hospital means that elderly patients have limited access to the outdoors, a lot of these patients adore their gardens and embrace being outside. Having Isa coming in to discuss various topics brings the outside inside for some patients. Or it will make an individual fall in love with the great outdoors again. It’s really quite hard to describe their faces and how much these sessions are well loved. We all look forward to our sessions with Isa and keenly await her friendly smiley face”.

N.B – places are limited due to the need to comply with social distancing measures.

Please email Isa for more information on the sessions, and how King’s Garden can help your group to cultivate connections to the natural world :

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3 thoughts on “Received this lovely endorsement for the Grow4it sessions today.

  1. Oh, oh, oh, Isa what an absolutely beautiful testimony, I want to rush and give that lady a big, big hug, may the Lord bless her instead which will be far better for her! Thank you for sharing this with us. XXX

  2. What a great testimony! It clearly identifies what Isa is like. She is such a terrific encouragement.

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